Early Childhood Educators

“I believe that SEEDS of Learning was a key factor in the success we had with screening from Minneapolis Public Schools.  More than 90% scored above what was expected for their age.  In addition, having a coach that provides ideas and encourages our teachers has helped greatly to continue improving.”

Roxana – Child care center staff person & participant in SEEDS of School Readiness for children ages 3 to 5 training



“There are so many things that we just never thought about before! I’m amazed at how much the children comprehend.  I see the kids going around the room now during free play and pointing to the words on the posters and asking about them.  Storytime, too, has become so much more interactive.”

Jan – Child care center staff person & participant in SEEDS of School Readiness Begins at Birth training




“My staff came back from this training ‘ready to cook’—they were so motivated.  I immediately noticed a huge difference in the center.   Talking has increased immensely in the infant and toddler classrooms.  When taking care of young children, it’s easy to get busy tending to their physical needs, but the training reminded my staff how important is it to be a teacher, too.”

Pati – Director of an early learning center




“The other trainers and I enjoyed working with the early childhood educators (at the SEEDS trainings).  I especially welcomed the chance to forge strong personal relationships and watch the teachers transform themselves into skilled pre-literacy advocates in their classrooms.  The teachers loved the training we provided!  They couldn’t get enough and wanted even more in the future. ”

Lucy – SEEDS trainer



“SEEDS has opened my eyes to the importance of educating and interacting with my son, even before his first birthday.  I am confident that as we regularly invest the time, our investment will pay a lifetime of dividends for our son and for our family as a whole.  I count it as a duty, but also as a privilege to take an early interest in my son’s future literacy.”

John – Parent & participant in SEEDS of School Readiness for Parents training

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