Minnesota Reading Corps


Reading Corps provides evidence-based literacy interventions and data-based assessments to children from age three to grade three.

Using the latest research on reading intervention strategies and guidance from literacy experts, Reading Corps is a critical link in literacy acquisition.

In the 2013-14 school year:

over 1,100 AmeriCorps members

served over 30,000 students

in 712 educational centers 


making Minnesota Reading Corps the largest AmeriCorps programs in the country. 




Washington DC


North Dakota


The model has expanded to seven other states and Washington DC



SEEDS of Emergent Literacy provides the framework for the Pre-K Minnesota Reading Corps program. 

All members attend SEEDS training at the Minnesota Reading Corps Summer Institute in addition to multiple smaller trainings throughout the schoolyear.

These supplemental trainings include additional training on SEEDS, administering and scoring student assessments, and RtI large and small group interventions

SEEDS Impact

Funded by The Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS), the non-partisan and objective research oragnization NORC at the University of Chicago conducted an impact evaluation of the Minnesota Reading Corps pre-K program during the 2013-2014 school year. This study used a quasi-experimental design (QED) outcome evaluation of more than 1,500 three-, four-, and five-year-old Pre-K students at 25 urban, suburban, and rural Minnesota schools. The key findings are presented below.

AmeriCorps tutors with Minnesota Reading Corps helped four- and five-year-old students meet or exceed spring targets for kindergarten readiness in all five assessed areas. (Students in comparison classrooms did so for only one.)

By school year’s end, four- and five-year-old students in Minnesota Reading Corps classrooms outperformed students in comparison classrooms in recognizing letter sounds, rhyming words, letter names, picture names, and alliterations.

The program was effective across a range of settings – both in public schools and Head Start Centers – and for all students regardless of gender, race/ethnicity, or dual language learner status.

The NORC reports are linked below

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