How It Works

Leaders select teaching staff to be trained in the SEEDS model. They also identify an external or internal SEEDS certified coach to support with skill development.
Staff attend SEEDS training. Sessions are intensive "deep dives" into the SEEDS of Learning framework, which is research and evidence-based. 
Staff implement the SEEDS framework using a supportive skill development cycle. Children and adults feel confident and capable.

Who Is It For?

Who Is It For?

This framework is designed for caregivers and educators who work in settings serving children 3 to 6 years of age.



Potential SEEDS of Learning particpants often have experience in education, psychology, special education, and/or early childhood education.


Currently, SEEDS is implemented in various programs, including Head Start, state preschool programs, private centers, and kindergarten programs nationwide.

What Is It?

SEEDS of Learning is a set of Early Childhood Professional Development frameworks. SEEDS of 3-5 Learning uses a Train-the-Trainer model and coaching support that teachers need to create supportive, caring, and productive interactions with children.


This framework shows teachers how to:

  • Increase outcomes for children using evidence-based best practices

  • Increase teacher rentention and efficacy through a research-based skill development cycle

  • Strengthen community and learning through quality interactions


Cost will vary by program. 

Trainings scheduled through SEEDS of Learning, LLC.

For information on this please contact SEEDS at

SEEDS 3 - 5 Framework


Training Information


Trainings offered in:

  • Minnesota

  • California

Training Time

7 Sessions

2.5 Hours/Session

17.5 Total Hours


Credits available through:

Metropolitan State University Early Childhood Assessment Program

Credits can count towards:

  • Minnesota educational requirements for:

    • Assistant teacher OR

    • Teacher working in licensed child care programs

  • Continuing education requirements of licensed teachers

  • Degree requirements of 2-year or 4-year colleges.

Sample Resources

Repeated Read Aloud Lesson

Repeated Read Aloud Book Titles

Scope and Sequence

Letters Have Names Transition Song


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